Licence To Operate A Non-Slewing Mobile Crane (Greater Than 3 Tonnes Capacity)

Course Overview:

Duration: 5 Days  |  Qualification:  TLILIC0040 – Licence to Operate a Non-Slewing Mobile Crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity)  |  Assessment Type: Theory and Practical  |  Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course



Course Description:

This course covers all the requirements for obtaining a national High Risk Work Licence (Class CN) for Non slewing mobile cranes greater than three tonnes capacity. A non-slewing mobile crane means a mobile crane, of greater than three tonnes capacity, incorporating a boom or jib that cannot be slewed.

This Includes:

  • articulated type mobile cranes
  • locomotive cranes
  • non-slewing telehandlers (over three tonnes capacity, fitted with a boom and/or jib with a hoist rope and/or hook block).

It does not include vehicle tow trucks.

NOTE: Course price is based on Crane provided for course. Further fees will be applied if HST need to provide a crane.


Course Outcomes:

  • Compliance with WHS licensing legislation.
  • Communicate and work safely with others in the work area.
  • Risk assessment and management procedures (particular awareness of the risks associated with overhead powerlines/electrical cables, ground conditions, crane tipping, other vehicles and personnel).
  • Operation of a non-slewing mobile crane including all functions to their maximum extension in the lifting and moving of loads to the safe working rated capacity of non-slewing mobile cranes (over 3t capacity) in conjunction with other associated personnel.
  • Appropriate mathematical procedures for estimation of loads
  • Use of lifting equipment and basic slinging techniques suitable for the loads to be loaded/unloaded as defined in the workplace procedures
  • Awareness of the boom/jib movements and particularly the safe positioning of the operator for any lift.

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5 Days