Licence To Operate A Slewing Mobile Crane (Up To 20 Tonnes)

Course Overview:

Duration: 5 Days  |  Qualification: TLILIC0022 – Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane (up to 20 tonnes)  |  Assessment Type: Theory and Practical  |  Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course



Course Description:

This course covers all the requirements for obtaining a national High Risk Work Licence (Class C2) for slewing mobile cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 20 tonnes. Successfully completing this course will allow you to operate any mobile cranes (up to 20t), any non-slewing crane (such as telehandlers or Franna cranes) and vehicle loading cranes (such as Hiab’s and Palfinger’s) and reach stackers within Australia.

NOTE: Course price is based on Crane provided for course. Further fees will be applied if HST need to provide a crane.


Course Outcomes:

  • Accurately record and maintain information relating to crane operations
  • Communication techniques in the workplace including whistles, hand signals and use of two-way radios
  • Interpersonal communication skills at a level sufficient to communicate with other site personnel
  • Load data into crane computer (where fitted) and check operation to accurately reflect the crane configuration
  • Operation of a slewing mobile crane (up to 20t capacity) for the lifting and moving of loads to the safe working rated capacity in conjunction with other associated personnel
  • Risk assessment and hazard control strategies, including hierarchy of control as applied to the positioning and safe operation of the crane (particular awareness of the risks associated with overhead powerlines/electrical cables, wind, erection, pack up and crane stability)
  • Use and interpretation of crane manufacturer’s specifications and data, including load charts, to enable the crane to be configured for the load
  • Verify problems and equipment faults and demonstrate appropriate response procedures
  • Appropriate mathematical procedures for estimation and measurement of loads
  • Commonwealth, State or Territory WHS legislation, standards and codes of practice relevant to the full range of processes for the crane class
  • Level of literacy to be able to read and comprehend manufacturer’s instructions, procedures and safety signs
  • Mobile slewing crane characteristics and capabilities to allow the configuration of the crane to suit the rang of loads
  • Mobile slewing crane operating techniques
  • Understanding of the hierarchy of hazard identification and control
  • Organisational and workplace standards, requirements, policies and procedures for conducting operations for the crane class
  • Procedures for the recording, reporting and maintenance of workplace records and information
  • Rated capacity and working load limits (including use of crane load charts)
  • Typical routine problems encountered in the process and with equipment and adjustments required for correction

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